Smoking Cessation

Provides support to assist people who are ready to quit smoking

Hypertension Program 

  Provides monthly monitoring & education to patients regarding management of high blood pressure with nursing and registered dietitian.

System Navigation

We offer assistance for patients/clients with forms and general navigation of the healthcare and government  systems.

Mental Health & Addictions Services

We offer mental health and addiction counselling. After-hours service is available. a

Support Groups

We facilitate the following support groups:

Addictions - every second Thursday


Child immunizations

Adult immunizations

Flu Shots (only when available), B-12, etc.

Diabetes Days
Diabetes focused appointments with physician, nursing and dietitian to assist with treatment and provide education.

Holter/Loop Monitoring
Offered through physician referral for cardiac monitoring

Complex Foot Care
Physician referred foot care offered to individuals with complex or advanced conditions.

Suboxone Maintenance Program
Medication and therapeutic treatment approach for opiate addiction. Structured group programs offered within a team setting.

Chronic Pain Self Management

Self directed program to assist individuals in managing their chronic pain over six weekly sessions.

Chronic Disease Self Management

Self directed program to assist individuals in managing their chronic health condition(s) over six weekly sessions.

Assisted Living Program

Coordinated services that assist people to safely

remain in their home

Diabetes Education Program

Provides education and support to clients/patients with diabetes and prevention information.

 Hospice Northwest

A volunteer based program that provide palliative care

support for community clients and/or families of

palliative patients.

 Interactive Nutrition(Spring 2015)

A series of themed interactive workshops to increase confidence in the kitchen with cooking health, nutritious meals.  Includes themes such as: cooking for one, school lunches and healthy snacks, eating well while spending less, etc.

INR Monitoring Program (Spring 2015)

Help patients who have been identified with a high risk of blood clots manage treatment, medications and education.

Seasonal Wellness Program(Summer 2015)
A series of workshops focused on embracing the seasons and helping participants increase their overall health and wellness.

Community Blood Pressure Clinics

We visit various community locations to provide individual blood pressure monitoring, prevention techniques and education.

Programs & Services 

The following are scheduled programs that our team 
offers to our district communities. For more information please call the NDFHT or check our Community Calendar.